Plastic Repairs

It is often possible to repair containers, molded tanks, bumpers, buoys, etc.

Molded tanks - Jenneau, Beneteau, Bavaria, and other brands.

These tanks have a lot of problems in the corners due to stress on the tank. We can repair leaks and reinforce other corners to prevent cracks. Improve tank life. The colour of the repair is white

Fishing Containers - For example, the blue ones from Icebox and Saeplast, etc.

Small cracks or large cracks. We have two methods to fix depends on damage level. The colour of the repair is white


The colour of the repair is white. Improve buoy life


It is a service only done in the workshop. You will need to bring the deposit/tank to our workshop

We do not carry out repairs on tanks installed in boats/campers ect..

It is only for High and Medium Density Polyethylene tanks.

The repair is only in white

It is not an immediate service, we put it in the planning

Repair life is not guaranteed

It is important to know that the trip to the workshop could be a waste of time. In the first 5 minutes we are going to do a soldering test, if the solder does not stick, we cannot repair. It is due to many variations of plastic and not all of them can be welded.