General Terms and Conditions. Custom tanks brand "BoatWide"

Custom product design

We can help customers with custom tank design, offer suggestions, etc. There is a lot of information on the website about how to measure, accessory considerations and more. BoatWide can make an estimate from a drawing, model or an old tank.

Definition: Approximate Budget and Definitive Budget

We are always happy to give our clients a full Estimate of the costs their project will require. This budget will be based on the information our client gives us and the assessment we make of the workload involved.

It is not very easy to predict with certainty the costs of a job without a definitive drawing. We will work diligently for our clients with the information we have but it is very important that clients understand the difference between the two types of estimates we make.

Approximate Budget: A response, written or oral, to a request where data is limited. It could be general drawings, non-complete drawings, drawings without all measurements, non-definitive shapes, drawings without all faces, without fins, without tabs, without connections, phone calls “how much does it cost for a xx liter tank”, general conversations , an exploration of possibilities, etc.

The Approximate quote is an answer of approximate costs, approximate delivery time, approximate shipping costs. The final cost (Definitive Quote) could be different including shipping costs if, for example, there are fins/mounting tabs/ears that expand the size for transportation.

Final Budget: Based on a very clear specification. Including the client's drawing with all the information, with all the final angles, measurements, shape of the tank, connections, size of the connections, threads, rubber holders, measurements of the cap location, sensors, etc. It can be a drawing made by us to clarify any aspect of the deposit and we ask for the client's signature.

The Final Quote includes all items defined in the quote for the price indicated in the quote. Shipping costs will be related to the defined deposit size.

Very important note: We set a delivery date for the next planning opening. Orders will be on a first-come, first-served basis for paid deposits/down payment, then the delivery date in the quote is always changing. The longer you wait to place the order, the more likely the dates are not available.

We reserve the right to re-evaluate the final budget if there are changes to the budgeted specification. For example, adding fins/eyelashes/ears, connections, size, etc.

No part of the budget will infer any responsibility for the installation of the tanks.

Budget Costs.

We make all estimates completely free.

We do not travel to measure, design or take responsibility for the project design. We are a company located in a workshop. We manufacture tanks to the design made by the client or his representative

Visitors, such as owners of a 4x4, caravan, or customers with old tanks or models, can take advantage of direct contact, with a high level of assistance, however we cannot spend hours of free support.

Up to 1 hour = free.

Up to 1 ½ hours €30.00.

Up to 2 hours €50.00


Placing an order means that the customer accepts all the general terms and conditions and at the same time, the terms and conditions written in the quote.

Although, we have never done so, we reserve the right to refuse an order.

Order processing. It is normal that we charge a deposit to reserve a place in the planning and to cut materials to the client's special measurements. If there is little time between the order and the delivery date we would ask for full payment with the order.

If there is no other agreed process (such as planning for shipyards, etc.), all orders are placed in the planning on a first-come, first-served basis.

The balance of payments is always before delivery. We can supply evidence of the status of the tank through photos


Changes in specification during manufacturing are possible. We stop the work. We calculate the change, we reserve the right to re-value the price. With an agreement, we restart manufacturing

Delivery term

The delivery time in the quote means the date of collection from the carrier.

While we use carriers that offer 24/48 hours and charge shipping costs from clients and pay carriers for this service, we cannot have any responsibility for delays within the transportation company.

We cannot offer any type of refund for poor services from carriers where we do not have any level of control. If the carrier makes a return. We pass the return to the customer

In cases where a client wants it, we make all delivery papers available to the client so they can make a claim.

Normally delivery prices include packaging costs. In some cases the packaging costs are separate, it will be clarified in the quote

Sometimes we do the delivery, even though the quote says "Carrier". The price for delivery by you is not cheaper than the carrier. If it is more expensive, we will notify you before we deliver.

Failures or defects in delivery require written notice within 7 days of receipt of delivery.

Before delivery all tanks are inspected and pressure tested up to 25 - 30kpa

We will not be responsible for any damage that occurs to the merchandise due to transportation or transportation by the container. We are interested in making a solution for our clients. It is important to take photos, etc. immediately.


The guarantee is to return the tank to the workshop.

The tanks are designed to breathe freely. They are not suitable for connecting with hot water, pressure pumps, compressors, mains water, etc. Then they only withstand the pressure of the height of the liquid and the weight of the contents. The pressure test we carry out is always higher than the working pressure of the tanks


Custom tanks with the brand “Boatwide”, 10mm, 12mm thick polyethylene

Warranty starts

Manufacturing date on label

Guaranteed 5 years against: (Note: see limitations)

Manufacturing defects of polyethylene components of the tank including walls, breakwaters inside the tank, welded plugs or polyethylene fittings, polyethylene tubes, polyethylene welding for the construction of the tank and all welding in general

Note the warranty does not include explosion or implosion of black/dirty, grey, potable water, fuel tanks caused by blockage of the aeration duct or misuse. The tanks are tested at a pressure many times higher than is normal in operation.

Other guarantees

All components are supplied with the respective manufacturer's warranty, items such as level sensor/indicator, access hatches, plastic or brass fittings.

Limitations on warranty (Not guaranteed)

Thread damage in the polyethylene due to excessive tightening, crossing threads, excessive tightening of access hatch, fittings or screws

Fire or direct heat and ambient temperature above 60° Celsius

Damage to the tank due to placing weights on the tank, excessive external forces or installing the tank in places subject to strong vibrations

Damage caused by movement of the tank due to poor fixation, or by movement of tubes and connections external to it.

Damage due to mechanical shock

Explosion or implosion of the tank due to excess pressure or vacuum (see label) that can be caused, among other things, by: excessive filling, obstruction of the respirator, high pressure and/or vacuum of air or water due to strong pumps. With dirty water tanks, when there are obstructions in the respirator. High air or water pressure during tank maintenance work.

Note: Blackwater tanks manufactured with aeration less than 25mm are not guaranteed

Damage due to careless handling or unqualified maintenance personnel

Damage caused by contact with gasoline (regardless of the octane level), concentrated sulfuric acid, styrene, strong water in concentration. The tanks are designed to contain diesel, drinking water, water from showers, sinks or water from toilets. You have to be careful with chemicals. Consult us before use.

Tristram Farnham June. 2022